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The Celebration


From Sarah Garton Stanley's closing remarks of the 2015 Awards:


And in closing, I have a few questions


What is the point of honouring those who have gone before us?


What is the point of raising funds to support these award recipients?


What is the point of invoking values that we hold in high esteem?


What is the point of listening to poetry read by a young man?


What is the point of revelling in sculpture?


What is the point of music?


What is the point?


To hold aloft a vision of the world where sustenance reigns.


To be reminded that our mortality is the thing that holds us close to one another and, finally, to pull a quote from one of Patrick's most cherished accomplishments, his work as dramaturg and director on Edwige Jean-Pierre's work


Even Darkness is Made Light


We do these thigns because Even Darkness is Made of Light


There is a future in this


Help us work together to ensure that thos who lvoe to mak theatre and those who love to awaken us to the presence of the earth we live upon can meet each year and together and in the unfolding of time make deep inroads inton how we live.


Let's live better.



August 10, 2015

The Theatre Centre
































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